Sep 01, 2019

I Joined GrAI Matter Labs

I joined GrAI Matter Labs (GML) as a compute architect to bring AI to every device on the Edge. We are working on ultra-low power, fully
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Oct 11, 2018

Presentation at Smart Systems Summit

Smart and easy ultrasound for all doctors The rise of minimally invasive procedures stems from multiple benefits to both patient and clinician, including reduced treatment
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Sep 26, 2018

Public defense of PhD thesis

I have publically defended my PhD thesis, entitled: “Robust needle detection and visualization for 3D ultrasound image-guided interventions,” on September 26th, 2018 at 11:00 in
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Sep 10, 2018

IJCARS MICCAI 2017 best paper award

Our special issue paper in International Journal of Computer Assisted Radiology and Surgery (IJCARS), entitled “Robust and Semantic Needle Detection in 3D Ultrasound using Orthogonal-Plane
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Apr 26, 2018

DoVo presentation at Philips research

The DoVo, an abbreviation for the Dutch word “Donderdagochtend-Voordracht” (“Thursday Morning Lecture”) is a weekly one-hour internal seminar series from Philips Research. The speakers typically
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