The DoVo, an abbreviation for the Dutch word “Donderdagochtend-Voordracht” (“Thursday Morning Lecture”) is a weekly one-hour internal seminar series from Philips Research. The speakers typically present the latest results or status of their project, department or program, emphasizing on the scientific innovation and explaining the importance for the Philips business.

Image-based Needle Tracking for 3D Ultrasound Guided Interventions

Guidance of needles for procedures like biopsies, ablations, and nerve blocks is one of the key uses of ultrasound. However, image guidance using a regular 1D array can be challenging as the needle can often drift out of plane, resulting in the physician not seeing the needle tip. Various methods (EM, optical) to help track the needle work well but require additional equipment. The work presented here involves using 3D beamforming technology along with image-based needle segmentation methods to identify the needle in a volume, and to drive acquisition of a scan plane that always includes the needle. This presentation will examine the various methods of image segmentation, show the results from these different methods, and highlight their relative strengths and weaknesses in different clinical scenarios and with different probes.